What Should I Wear for Autumn 2016?

Trending outfits for autumn 2016 have spread at both offline and online. You can see them on magazine and other fashion websites. Designers put lots of efforts to combine different patterns, different styles, and different models into a perfect combination. This also leads you to know how to mix and match or how to wear better during autumn. In fact, you don’t need to wear fancy clothes. Just play with patterns and colors and you will get the best autumn outfits ever. Surely you have read a lot about fashion news and information related to fall outfits. Through this article, we try to put some inspiration for autumn outfits this year.

Why don’t you wear mini skirts?
Mini skirts when autumn? Okay, this is a crazy idea. You don’t want to get cold unless you are a model and must walk on stage showing how beautiful your legs are. In fact, mini skirts can’t be simply ignored just because they are short. If we want to go past, we will find that many female lead movie stars in ’90s were seen wearing mini skirts. Today popular designers such as Burch and Kors have made mini-skirt fashion wear to be paired with colorful tops and hoodies.

Animal prints
Animal print outfit is a little bit tricky, or maybe risky? It is because such prints are best for liberated and wild women. Popular animal prints like zebra and leopard are a perfection option to get more attention. When wearing outfits with those prints, you will be more confident and perform an impression of sophistication at the same time. You may have a zebra printed coat and a dark polo dress or a leopard print jumpsuit. You must try this fashion inspiration!

Pumpkin outfits
What’s on your mind when hearing about pumpkin? Pumpkin is really connected to Halloween. At the yard, they install several lumps of pumpkins to light the night. Also people wear pumpkin costumes. Pumpkin and Halloween can never be separated. But today we are speaking of pumpkin for autumn, not pumpkin for Halloween. How does pumpkin give such an inspiration for autumn outfit? The answer is stealing the color! Yes, wear outfits in pumpkin color. Orange is the official color for autumn. It pictures the color of autumn leaves. Put some orange in scarves and ponchos to increase your aura.

Navy Outfits
Navy never dies! Both past and today’s fashion always go with the navy. Navy is the best option for those who want to look formal in the latest fashion inspiration. Looking comfy yet classy in navy is simple. You just need to wear military pieces and navy blue hue. Now you will never be boring with this trending autumn fashion.





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