Travel to These Three Destinations

Travelling can heal people. Why? It is because by travelling you meet many new people, you have new experience, and you feel new atmosphere. Your mind is open and you will be no longer stuck at the ‘past’ life. Today’s generation loves to travel even it’s on the top whenever they have holidays or days off. From corner to corner, the world has so many places to visit. Each of them is unique and exotic. Usually people just want to spend most of their time at certain places, but others prefer to know more about the society and the culture. Traveling is used to enrich their mind and soul. There are three popular destinations for holidays according to us.

See calendar and mark the best dates to visit Cambodia. In 2016, Cambodia is known as one of top destinations in the world. It is a charming country and rich in unique lifestyle and culture. What makes Cambodia so special is the budget. It is categorized as one of the most low-priced place in the world. Well, you don’t have to be rich or save much money to reach Cambodia. Whether you have planned your own trip or get package of inclusive holidays, Cambodia is a nice country where people on budget can find their paradise here. Don’t forget to visit Angkor Wat, beautiful temples located at wonderful place. Cambodia presents delicious cuisine, stunning scenery and ancient sites.

The second destination you must visit in 2016 is located in Europe. Bulgaria is popular for its history and culture. If you are looking for budget destination during the holiday, Bulgaria should be on the list. The country has stunning Black Sea resorts, which has been a well-liked destination for people or tourists from Eastern Europe. Besides Black Sea resorts, Bulgaria presents mountains, extraordinary ski resorts, nature reserves, and other untouched landscapes, together with history and culture as well with Orthodox churches.

Rio de Janeiro
The Olympic Games have finished. And it becomes the main reason why Rio de Janeiro is the best destination to explore. The city has been through a lot of preparations. Government must have done ‘some decorations’ to attract tourists. Though you are not going to watch the Olympic Games, it is still good to see and enjoy different events and attractions in place. Rio de Janeiro is also famous for the beautiful beaches and party lifestyle. It also has remarkable landscapes that you shouldn’t miss. Just fill the emptiness of your soul by travelling.





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