College Motivation: Freshmen Students

College is a whole new level of education; therefore, it requires high motivation. Many freshmen students end up depress due to college demand. As freshmen, you don’t really have many options, but to join every activity as well as do all the assignments with tight deadlines. Perhaps, that is why quite many students give up on the early semester. So, how to improve your motivation as freshmen student? How to improve your student’s motivation? Here is the list of the things that you can do or say!

Motivation for freshmen
Remind yourself or your students that college success is not merely academics. If you think that study is the only way to be a successful people, then you are wrong. The first thing that you need to do to yourself or to your students is reminding them that the main challenge is to be an adult. At this stage, students need to improve their interpersonal relationships, especially with the counselors, friends, and also professors.  The whole college experiences and activities are the ones that open ways for the students to be successful in the future. So, motivate yourself or your students to appreciate everything that they have done and just enjoy the moment. Learn about people, society, and environment as much as you can.

You need to tell yourself and your students that the biggest supporter and critic in your life or their life are yourself or themselves. For that reason, open your eyes and mind to see the good in everything.

You also need to stay focus and respect your goals. That’s what keeps you going.

As freshmen, there are many new things around you. These things include assignment, rules, activities, and also events. So, you should be active and try to get involve with the events or activists around. Whenever you get stuck, you can always ask questions. Don’t be hesitate and afraid.

Students wherever and whoever they are need to keep a positive thinking. There are many negative people and also incidents that happen or will be happening around you. You need to avoid bad influences in order to maintain positive attitude towards life.

The best thing that you can do is to establish goals. You should have goals for your future. By doing so, no matter what happen in your life, you won’t stop pursuing it. Overall, motivating freshmen students is not that hard, but of course it is challenging. You can remind yourself and your students many times and tell them to have high motivation, especially in studying.




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