Girls Don’t Like Guys To Do

When boys are trying to get into girl area, some of them find it difficult and lose their mind. Meanwhile, the others will keep trying until they figure out what the girl really like and hate. In a relationships, you need to start with some knwledge that will help you to make it go smoothly. Hence, it is the right time to reveal what act of guys that girls will hate:

  1. Pointing out weight issues
    If you are attracted to a girl, you need to know that every girl is quite sensitive about weight issues. It happens that girls say they will go on diet even though they don’t. Hence, if you guys talk about how fat their cheeks, or how plumpy her thigh is, it’s a disaster. Girls will hate you so much that you will be just like her forever enemy in her life. Girls tend to hurt so much when it comes to weight issues. So, if you have nothing to compliment, don’t say bad things about weight.
  2. Make fun of what she likes
    When you enter girl area, you will find some bizzare or silly things. You can keep it to yourself if you don’t like it. No matter how bizzare things they like, you are not allowed to make fun of it. For example, girls are watching unrealistic program on tv and find it interesting while you don’t understand at all why they like that kind of program. You just need to respect what they like and they will do the same to you.
  3. Paying too much attention on appearance
    Of course, girls like guys who pay attention on their appearance like regularly washing their body and face, or trying to do something with hair. However, girls don’t really like guys who put too much attention on appearance such as putting lip gloss, spraying too much perfume, or trying to have over-clean face. It will make girls like a loser that the guys do something more than them. Guys will be loved if their keep they appearance well withoung being exaggerated.

Guys who are trying to enter girl area should know do’s and don’ts. Girls look like a complicated creatures which can treat small things more important than world war. However, that’s just girls that will be adored by guys. Therefore, it is better to understand each other rather than trying to find the answer for why, how, or what.




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