What Boys Don’t Like Girls To Do

When you have a boy in your mind that you’d really like to date, you can’t help but to get deeper into boy area. That’s why it is the best time to talk about boys and what they don’t like girls to do. As a girl, it is often that you try hard to attract boy. Even small things will become a big deal for you as long as it will make the boy notice of your existance. However, you need to know that boys don’t like every random things you do. Even though boys adore girls a lot, there will be some things that they don’t like girls to do.

  • Put make up too much
    It is understandable that girls always want to look pretty anytime and anywhere. The world without make up is just like a monochrome TV which means uninteresting. However, you need to know that boys don’t like girls with such a heavy make up like you are going to be a bride tomorrow. They prefer light make up which shows your natural beauty. What they like the most is healthy looking face rather than glamorous appearance.
  • Overreacted
    Boys will be happy if you laugh when they crake a joke. However, if you are overreacted that you hit or laugh hard when he even doesn’t say funny things, it will be a major turned-off. Boys like girls who always smile and cheerful but it doesn’t mean that you have to smile or laugh all the time. It is enough to just give proper reaction when it’s needed. Don’t lose your personality just because you want to be in boy area.
  • Interfering hobbies
    Every boy must have their own hobby like basketball, watching movies, playing guitar, travelling, or hiking. Girls are always obsessed with giving care for their boys so they will be overprotective and don’t give the boys chance to do what they want. It is a big mistake if you are trying to make them stay away from their hobbies. It is fine to let them do their hobbies and it’s even better that they will feel you are understanding girl.

Boy area is not as narrow as a bed. There are things they like and don’t. Even though boys and girls are all humans, they have different preferences and tendencies. Hence, knowing what boys like and don’t will be useful if you want to make them notice that you are there for them.




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