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TouringĀ  is basically aimed to restore themselves in better conditions, growing, or recovering from depletion. tourism has become a part of existence, in which time we were at our destination, we are busy for the photos and uploaded to social media. Like this, not few in number.

But there is also a deliberate search for travel destinations empty. In fact, that has not been touched by anyone. Generally adventurous traveler who often do. Solely these things for more grounded and enjoy the atmosphere provided by nature.

This time will review some beautiful locations in the corner of the earth that has not been visited by many people. If you’re the type who likes serenity explorers, perhaps these places fit to be a trip destination:

  1. Minolic lagoons In The Islands Of The Philippines
    Is a place that has beautiful and pleasant swimming spot with a glass-clear waters. In order to reach and explore the waters hidden amongst the giant cliffs, needs a bit of a struggle. But it means that, the place is not easily accessible to many people. Coming to this place is recommended in the summer and dry, so you can enjoy the fresh sea water, or direct swim.
  2. Architecture Heaven Samarkand In Uzbekistan
    Uzbekistan has a shady spot and magnificent, in the old city of Samarkand, this building stands proudly. Many activities centered in the residential area, so that tourists rarely touching this area. Samarkand antique building holds historical and artistic value and robust architecture. Besides suitable for the single traveler, after entering into it, we could feel the nuances of different thoughts. Curious? Visit in May-June or September-November, when the weather was not hot.
  3. Jungle Safari Wildlife Botswana
    Natural forest is the most silent but also fierce in the ocean. Not many people are willing to risk your life just to see the wild life that can only be watched on National Geographic. But this kind of safari actually opened to the public in Botswana. Which makes it only visit certain circles is due to the remote location and expensive. The best location to visit is the Okavango Delta during the rainy season, as will many animals migrate and seek waters. So we could see the exotic animals. in contrast to the zoo.
  4. Magnificent Palaces In Tuscany, Italy
    Colorful palace is actually not a tourist place, but privately owned. But there is little access, if we want to try to come there. Suitable for fans of architecture and history. Actually, the location is not open to the public, but we can appreciate the detail and so the history of the building that had stalled the last two decades. If you want to here, you should immediately. Because no info castles in Tuscany Hills if they can be sold.
  5. Bali Rice Fields In Indonesia
    In Indonesia is already a lot of fields, but this magnificent terraced rice fields to overseas. Because the fields are generally not a tourist place, so rare visitors who want to here. And only at certain spots we could enjoy the scenery. Morning and afternoon in the summer is the most wonderful time, if you want to see the blushing golden paddy fields in between the mountains and hills.



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