Unique Fact About Love

The definition of love may be different for each person. Perhaps many feel happy when you hear the word love? Or just hate him for fatigue continues betrayed by love? Everything is up to you, whatever you want to treat it like any love. Three hundred words will never be enough to discuss love. Love is universal and the effect will be different for each person. But what will be discussed this time will be a little different.

  • Your relationship with love
    When does it appear that loving feeling? When you see a photo girlfriend or spouse on the phone screen? Or when you imagine the figure of the idol long you like? In fact, you can be up all night just thinking about the beloved figure. However, it is not uncommon love also likely to spoil your day, love can make your life be unproductive just because you run out breaking up with a girlfriend and was silent lament fate. Or when you feel hurt for not being able to establish the appropriate relationship with wishful thinking. Love is not that narrow, try to look more broadly about love.
    Ever hear the expression of love that emerge from the eyes down to the heart? After you read the next short description, you might replace the above expression to be a love it emerges from the nose down to the heart. According to the results of the Huddinge University Hospital involving 12 men and women, one of the hormones of the human hormone that pheromones. This hormone is a hormone that plays a major role on how you feel when love someone, the feeling when you are in love, or feel passionate feelings for someone. The hormone estrogen found in women and testosterone found in males would react to similar fragrances with pheromones.
  • Choose a partner similar to parents
    Have you ever realized that if indirectly you will find a partner who has a character similar to your parents? Because you since childhood grew older people, so that your life will always be filled with lot of love. Indirectly you are looking for a partner who has a character, posture, or a similar nature with parents.





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