The Remote Tropical Heaven of Anambas

Tropical islands are always popular destinations for holiday vacation. When you are planning for travelling for leisure, I bet topical island will be one of the top options. It is no surprise that many of us like to travel to visit a tropical island. We can get lots of warm sun shines, enjoying beautiful sceneries of beautiful beaches, green lands, all those natural foods, and many other things you can only find on tropical islands.

When it comes to best tropical islands, most people will recall Bali or Maldives. Those two are undeniable among the most popular ones. But lately, travelers are looking for new tropical jewels which are remote tropical islands with virgin nature. I bet Raja Ampat, West Papua is already under your radar. But I can assure you this one is still quite strange for most of us. So, people write this one on your bucket list: Anambas Islands. A remote small archipelago of tiny islands in the middle of South China Sea, part of Indonesian territory. Due to its remote location, it wasn’t too long ago Anambas discovered by tourists from all over the world and lately, Anambas Islands is crowned as one of the best tropical islands in Asia.

Located in the center of South China Sea, a very remote location, is a blessing in disguise for Anambas Island. The natural ecosystem is well preserved there. The clear turquoise sea with amazing underwater ecosystem underneath becomes the main attraction of Anambas Islands. One of the islands, Bawah Island already gained a reputation as one of the best diving and snorkeling sites. There are five white sand beaches facing the lagoons can be found on these islands. Not only the beaches and the sea, those tiny islands are also worth to explore. It has virgin tropical islands with quite easy trekking track. One of the islands has beautiful waterfall. You can also hike to the highest peak of the island to get magnificent view of the whole islands and guaranteed Instagram-worthy selfies.

It is said there’s no gain without pain. Travelling to Anambas is quite huge challenge. Because it is located far away from major islands and cities in Indonesia, you need to plenty of time on your vacation schedule. First you need to fly to Tanjung Pinang, the largest city in Riau province located in Bintan island. From this city you can choose to fly to Matak airport of Palmatak and from there, you can ride speedboat to Tarempa, the biggest island in Anambas. Another option is take 10 hours long ferry ride from Tanjung Pinang to Tarempa.




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