Tips for Nude Makeup Style

Just like fashion, the trend of makeup is also constantly changing. These days, natural look becomes one of the most popular trend in makeup style. The term of natural make up isn’t only using natural ingredients of natural colors but more like natural look. Yes, like the look without wearing no makeup at all. Well, it can be the answer from the criticism many women hide behind their makeup.  It is like enhancing the true beauty of the fresh natural look of women’s face. This new trend is widely known as “no makeup” makeup or nude makeup.

Off course, nude makeup style doesn’t mean wearing no makeup at all. The idea of makeup is to accentuate best side of your face to make it more attractive. On this latest makeup trend, the colors of shades are similar with natural skin color. It is a huge challenge to create a flawless face with nude makeup. But you don’t need to worry. Here are several tips and tricks you can do at home:

  1. Don’t put too much foundation
    Foundation isn’t a way to cover skin. You need a natural look so use it light to blur discoloration to create clean and even-looking face skin. Instead of heavy cake-on foundation, it is highly recommended to choose BB cream or tinted moisturizer. You can use five dot method: put one dot each on the forehead, nose, chin, and both sides of the cheek then use a blush brush to buff outward to the hairline area.
  2. Concealer to conceal spots
    Don’t use concealer a lot. Only use it to cover dark spots or imperfections on the skin. It is important to powder the face before putting the concealer.
  3. Focus on Eyes
    Think it as the opposite of nighttime smokey eyes. There’s no need to use shadows on the corners of your eyes. What you need is to use natural shades on the center of the eyelid. Use dark pencil to line upper waterline and that will make your eyes really stand out. How about the eyebrows? A little stroke of eye pencil or a tiny bit of powder will create huge effect.
  4. Makes What Matters Really Counts
    Nude makeup is all about enhancing your natural look. You need to highlight the features of your face. Use a highlighter, either liquid or powder, and apply it on the bridge of the nose, the area above the cheekbones, and a little above the cupid’s bow on the lips. Swipe a tiny brush to create the final effect.



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