Fit Vs Skinny

Few years ago, there was a campaign against the trend of models with skinny body widely used by fashion industry. It was started with the facts many of those skinny models are suffering from anorexia and even torturing their own body to maintain their body shape. Many believed that that trend creates stereotype that beautiful is skinny and also promotes unhealthy lifestyle. That campaign also stressed the importance of promoting healthier lifestyle that fashion industry must take part by using models with more natural body shape closer to common women in the real life.

Since then, fashion industry becomes more open to model with more realistic body shape and it helps eliminating bad stereotypes of women with big body to prevent body shaming. Unfortunately, It also creates side effect to the women who naturally have thin body shape. Those women are often become a victim of body shaming as they are told to be skinny and suspected to have anorexic problem. One woman eagers to stand up against this sad fact. She wants to tell the world that having a thin fit body doesn’t always mean to be skinny and unhealthy. That woman is Sophie Guidolin, a fitness expert and mother of four from Australia. Using her social media account, she launches her own campaign to address this issue. She focuses on creating clear line between fit and skinny and also encourage women to fight against body shaming.

Guidolin is really proud with her fit and lean body, a result of routine exercises and hard works. But she often become a victim of body shaming saying that she is too skinny and associating her tiny body with skinny models that have eating disorder. She knows very well, she had to fight back. Using her social media, the very same place where she got all those body shaming, she published an intuitive short essay about Fit Vs Tiny. She explained that being fit is way too far from skinny. Having a fit lean body is a result of hard work with huge commitment and with her lean body, she is very strong and healthy. To make a point, she regularly posted photos of her lean physique, the photos that would cause jealousy to many women, including those who did body shaming to her before. Guidolin hopes that she can educate her fellow women that self-love is the most important thing any woman must have.




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