The Causes of Itching in Woman and Girl Area

Itching in the woman and girl area is not something to embarrass about. It is commonly experienced by almost all women and girls. The skin of vagina and the vulva is very sensitive. It can be easily irritated and then cause itching. There are some common causes of vaginal itching. Learn about them below.

  • General Irritation and Allergies
    Allergic reaction that causes vaginal itching can be caused by chemicals in products you use. The most common products are such as detergent, softeners, deodorants, bath soaps, creams, ointment, lotions, intercourse jellies or foams, and vaginal douches.
  • Larger Infection with Vaginal Itching as a Symptom
    Vaginal itching that is suffered intensely may become a symptom of yeast infections in the woman and girl area. The causes of the infections are such as antibiotic usage, menstruation, sexual intercourse, diabetes, pregnancy, and also the weak immune system. Besides, kinds of hormonal problems or dietary can also become the causes.
    The more severe causes of vaginal itching can be genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, public lice and trichomoniasis. The bacterial vaginosis also commonly cause other symptoms such as fishy odor after sex and runny vaginal discharge. Meanwhile, the trichomoniasis also cause different look of vaginal discharge, itching and strong odor.
  • Stress
    Vaginal itchiness can also be caused by stress. If you are in stress and experiencing vaginal itching, you can relieve it by doing yoga or meditation. It will prevent and reduce itchiness in vagina.
  • Vaginitis
    Vagina itchiness caused by vaginitis may also cause inflammation, vaginal discharge, and odor. In girls that haven’t reached puberty yet, vaginitis commonly occurs. However, the young girl should be ruled out of sexual abuse and sexually transmitted diseases if vaginitis occurs in her girl area.
  • Other Possible Causes of Vaginal Itchiness
    The other possible cause are such as pinworms that commonly infect children or the skin condition that may be pre-cancerous.

If the vaginal itchiness is also along with lower abdominal pain or severe pelvic, and/ or fever, you should see a doctor to get further examination. Besides, the itchiness in the woman and girl area should also be something to consult to a doctor so that the clear factor can be found. Screening for STDs or other vaginal infections will be needed. The itchiness can be treated with over the counter medications. But if it is reoccur, you should see a doctor to get further checking of severe disease availability.




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