Tips to Make Easy Travelling Abroad

For those who are traveling abroad, there must be some difficult things that will be seen during the trip. To make the trip easier and more enjoyable, you can learn some tips below.

  1. Get the Hotel Business Cards
    When you arrive to the hotel, make sure you take their business cards in the front desk. It will be useful because the card will show you the address of the hotel in local language anytime you need or when you get lost in the strange place. The local language will ease you ask anyone you meet about the address.
  2. The Rule of Six Month Passport
    If you have a six month passport, you should know that most countries will determine the expired time less than six months. So you should renew the passport during the traveling downtime. It is better to choose passport with nine months of expiration date.
  3. How to Get Cash
    ATM is the most common way to take the cash, but most banks will charge high amount of fees if you take the cash outside the network. To lower the fees, you can take out the cash in large amount at the ATM of the airport, so you should pay the large fee once. However, it is not recommended to take high amounts of money while traveling abroad. Besides, too much local cash will be left over when the traveling ends.
  4. Credit Cards
    If you use credit cards, you will get the best rates of exchanges. However, the foreign transaction fee is also quite large; about 3%. So make sure that you choose credit cards that don’t ask such fees. Besides, never book a hotel or eat in a restaurant that firstly convert the charge into dollars. It is not a good deal. Notify the credit card issuer before you have the trip, so they will not call you when you use the credit card abroad.
  5. Medicine
    Prepare kinds of medicine that you may need most during the traveling, because you may get difficulty to find them in the local drugstore. Besides, you also may need to bring earplugs and eye mask in case you get uncomfortable hotel to stay.
  6. Booking the Foreign Airlines
    To make the traveling more economical, you can book the airlines through the websites of overseas airlines. If you need some local flights when you are abroad, it will be helpful. The tickets are twice cheaer than the tickets you book from your country. If the websites don’t provide information in English, you can use Google Translate easily. Then it will cut much the traveling abroad cost.



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