Top Styles of Haircuts for 30s Women

In the age of 30s, you may be a busier woman with taken off career, having more serious dating, and get started your family. In such important age, you should have a nice haircut style to have a good look. Choose one of best haircuts below to make better the look.

  • Softened Pixie
    The softened pixie will be a perfect haircut for those on the move. It will only take a short time for drying so it is perfect if you are in rush. Make some layers to make the style noticeable and keep the sides look poufy or choppy. Use a bit pomade to take the style or use some volumizing spray if you have a heart shaped face. However, this haircut will not quite suitable for those with coarse and curly hair.
  • Graduated Bob
    For those who have wavy hair, graduated bob haircut may become the best choice in your 30s of age. The shorter back and angled front will bring much volume and natural texture. The haircut will be easy to style and will be suitable for any hair texture and face shape. Blow dry your hair u to 60% dry and then let the natural texture do the rest. Make piecey look by applying a bit pomade.
  • Blunt Lob
    The thread of this haircut style is so effortless. The most versatile about this haircut is the collarbone length. If you have round face, make the haircut in all one length with blunt ends. But if your face is square or oval, then you should ask the hairstylist to make layers that frame your face. So you get the dimension and cheekbones accents. Besides, those with thick hair can eliminate the bulky look with this haircut. Spray before blow drying from the roots to the middle to get more volumes.
  • Tousled Layers
    In the 30s of age, you may not make your haircut overdone. Tousled layers haircut style will be perfect for those with wavy hair and want to have a medium length haircut. It is also applicable for any hair types and face shapes. Ask the hairstylist to make layers from the chin area. It will make the waves much more bouncy.
  • Long Layers with Soft Bangs
    This haircut is not purposed to cover the aging signs. The bangs will frame the features of your face. If you have a round face, you can make it pulling off it straight. Meanwhile, you can angle down the corners of your face by having the lash-grazing haircut version. Make perfect the haircut style look by making layers below your shoulders. You can make it by using round brush whilst blowing dry smoothly.



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