Type of Relationship you should know to define love

Love relationship can be complicated. Each of love relationship brings new experience that different from one other. There are many type of relationship that you might experience for the past, or maybe you now are experiencing. Here is several type of relationship to define your emotional and love to your partner that can help to define your love condition and how to solve it.

The first type is the codependent relationship. This is type of relationship that one person are getting too much dependent to their partner and rely to their partner for helping them to make decision making. This type of relationship means that a person needs their partner for function efficiently in their life. The second type of relationship is controlling relationship type. This is type of relationship where one partner role a dominant role in the romance and other just follow to rules they have made. A person who is under control could be do not realize that they have been dominated for long time until they get frustrated and feel helpless with the relationship beyond. Next third type of relationship is open relationship. This is a relationship where both partners get emotionally committed to both other but not so much. Both of the partners also have other relationship outside from the relationship. The next relationship type is negotiation relationship that purposes for keeping both of partners still happy with the relationship. In this relationship type, both of partners are happy with each other, but after then there are a lot of negotiations and compromises for keeping the commitment and relationship.

The next type of relationship is Toxic relationship. This toxic relationship seems that pleasant from outside but soon for unexplained reason this going worst, make them such in the life and happiness out. The partner get frustrated and annoyed without any idea why and how to solve. The next relationship is pastime fling relationship. People are getting love with their partner, true, but they are not in love so much that makes them plan future together each other. They are happy for recent time, but outside; they are convinced themselves that the relationship will not last forever. The next type of relationship is complicated relationship. This is the trickiest type of relationship where both of partner know that things around them are not perfect in love, because they have third person involvement, or incapability that make them do not have any idea to fix with the issues.




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