Create love Area In Home With Feng Shui

This is how you can create your love area with Feng Shui that can give you benefit for your life. Before you starts to create love area with Feng Shui, you need to know that Feng Shui has 9 major components ; wealth and money, career, family, health, children and creativity, reputation and fame, skills and knowledge, helpful people and travel, and the last is love and marriage. Every area in home represents with one of these aspects of life areas. As your home arranged with Feng Shui, it will give benefit for you. Then, how you create love areas with Feng Shui benefit in your home? Here are tips for you.

The first step is creates love corner. This is how you need to do to find love corner in your home, stand right to your front door and then face to inside to your home.  Point with hand to the far, to the far right corner in your home inside, focus to the point where your hand pointed and that’s the area that you must focus. The second step is clear your corner area. Remove any unwelcoming things, any representations of single things both of pictures or things, any symbol of past relationship, remove dead plants, garbage cans, any electronics such as televisions or computer that distract your focus in searching love attention, anything that need to repair or broken. After you clean up the mess, then start to spruce up the corner area with symbol of love and colors from Feng Shui.

To spruce up, you can paint your area love with color of love such as red, pink, or plain white paint. Add symbol of love such as statue, lovebirds and plants. You also can add candle and mirrors that also add great décor for this corner area love with extra color into white, red or pink colors added. Now, move to bedroom area where become the most important area for create love area in your home. Make sure that you have makes your bedroom with equality and see as double. The bed symbolizes to relationship and the imbalance can make imbalance Feng Shui in your corner love area. If you are still confuse to do this love area corner, then you can ask consultant of Feng Shui for help you create this. With Feng Shui you can create the most romantic love area in your home that can help your love issues and romance.




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