Know Boy Area love To Make Him See You More Than Just a Friend

How many girls get broken their heart as they see that their dreaming boy get relationship with other and just keep their feeling as friend? Know these boy area love that will make girls are able to make closer relationship with their friendship and blossoms into romance. The modern era allow girl to be more attractive to boy and let them to be more open to romantic scene.

First thing that a girl must to do is flirt with the boy. This is a simply thing to get him know that you are love with him.  Just do simple thing such as smile with him a lot when meet with him, laugh when he makes a joke, and them make an efforts to touch physical contact with him often. The physical contact will help to build sexual attention.
The second step is makes him search you when you are not with him. If you are always hang out with him in group or schoolmate, then try to spend time without him from your friends circle. Next time when you meet with all, hang back and after you get two together, see if he looks for you or look like if he is losing you while you are not with him. Next step you need to do is impress him with your dress. When you both get good friendship, both of you get comfortable too much. This might make you comfort and let you in your most awful condition is Ok when you meet him. If you are in this case, makes him know that you are girl that also capable for clean up and get best dress up when you are in around him.

The last but not least, take risk by telling him about your feeling. Yes, it might takes you big risk for let him know your feeling and get know if he also has same way feeling with you. If you find that he has no same feeling with you, you both can be still make friends. If he has same feeling, then congrats then he will be your mine.  When you get your boy have same feeling, then this means that you need to build more relationship with him.
The most important thing is keep the contact between you better by having more communicated with him. Communication is one important element in relationship that can change the depth of your relationship with your partner.




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