The Solving Ways To Top 3 Relationship Problem

it is area relationship that does not have problem in their duration. Even relationships has turns up and downs there are success couples that have learn managing their relationship bumps and maintain the love life going well.  The success couple will hang and the tackle problem, learn to work and pass the complex issues that they face every day. Many of them are reading articles and book about relationship, attend the consultation with counseling, and many more. Here are the relationship problem that most appears and how to solve it.

Problem 1: communication

All problems in relationship is stem from communication. You can’t communicate better when you always check on your social media messenger, flip to sports entertainment and others. To solve your communication problem, then you can do such things below.

  • Make real appointment to each other. Put your cell phones vibrate and put the kids bed, and start discuss with your couple.
  • Create some rules. Here the keys for good communication; do not interrupt your couple when they are speaking and ban the bad phrases such as “ You always… “  and “ You Never.. “.
  •  Use body language for shows that you really listening and attend to your couple much when you are discuss.

Problem 2: Se**x

Even, the love each other partner can have mismatch by se**xually. Lack of self-se**xual awareness and education can make the problem worsen. Having sex will release hormones for keeps the chemistry from couple stay healthy both in physically and mentally. The strategies to solve are find what makes you and your partner truly on to have se**x with each other. Have consultation with se**x therapies can help you to resolve the se**x issues from both.

Problem 3: Money

This is most problems that appear after the previous two problems. Even, before the wedding vow exchanged, this can appears. Start from the expense from the courtship into the wedding cost. National Foundation for Credit Counseling suggest couple that have money woes to take serious conversation about their future finances. Here, the strategies to solve this problem;

  • Be honest to your current financial condition. When things go wrong, continue the same lifestyle can be unrealistic ways to do.
  • Acknowledge that one can be money saver and one can be money spender. Understand for benefit from both and learn from each other tendencies.
  • Do not hide any income or debt.
  •  Do not blame each other when financial difficult come.
  • Construct the budget join that involves savings and decide who will respond to monthly bills paying.



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