4 Reasons Why Dating Boys Younger Than You is a Great Idea

Dating boys younger than you is actually a great idea. A lot of people think that dating someone younger is something tormenting considering that they might have to be the serious one in the relationship, their younger partner is probably going to be the goofy one. However, that is not entirely true. Many girls date younger boys and they are fine with it. Actually, most of them find it is so fun to date someone younger, even though the younger one is the male one. If you are now falling in love with a boy but he is younger than you, or way younger than you, do not worry about it because 4 reasons why dating boys younger than you is a great idea below are going to make up your mind.

  1. They are Cuter
    One of the best features of young boys is probably that they are cuter. They are even cuter than you. They have cute baby face and they sometimes act like a child, which is annoying sometimes but adorable most of the time. Many girls who have younger boyfriends sometimes think that the way they have to “babysit” their boyfriends is too adorable to explain. It is like having a little brother but that little brother is your boyfriend. It is so great, basically.
  2. They are Respectful
    Because technically you are older than your boyfriend, it is natural that he will have so much respect toward you. He will basically look up to you. There will be no way that he will have the gut to question your individuality or your independence. The best thing of all is that he will listen to you and listen to your advice. This will never happen if you have older boyfriend. They will think that they have power over you just because they are the older. Younger boyfriends are just great because they do not question the power you have in the relationship.
  3. They are Honest
    Younger men tend to be brutally honest, especially when they know that their girlfriends are older than they are. Having younger boyfriend will basically give you the chance to date a really nice guy. They do not lie and they do not woo you with some BS. They will tell you everything upfront. It is important for a relationship to have that kind of honesty. However, just because he is already so honest, it does not mean that you can lie all the time to his face.
  4. They are Open to Learning
    Since you are the older one in this relationship, sometimes you are also the more mature one. You can teach your boyfriend a thing or two in many aspects, including in your love life. Since they know that they are the junior and you are the senior, it is impossible for them just to ignore your advice. They will open to learning anything they teach you. This is one of the best reasons why dating boys who are younger than you is simply a great idea.



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