Dating Girls Who are Your BFF

Dating girls who are your best friend for a long time is sometimes thought as a bad idea. People say that once you date your BFF and it does not work out, you will have to broke up and sacrifice the whole friendship. There will be no way that you can still be BFF with your ex. However, if you and your best friend are in love, it is impossible to deny and you have to be a couple after all. To soothe you about dating girls who are your best friend, below you will see several reasons why dating your BFF is actually a brilliant idea.

  1. You Know Each Other So Well Already The point of dating someone is to figure out what they are like. If you like them than the relationship goes up to more serious form like living together, get engaged, and probably get married. Since you are dating your best friend who you have known for years, it is so easy to work the relationship since you know each other so well already. She has been with you for a long time, as your best friend. You have gone anywhere together, you have spent so much time together, and you know you like hanging out with her. If you do not like her, there is no way that you two can be best friend.
  2. She Knows All Your Sides Since you are dating your best friend, you do not have to pretend to be someone else in order to work the relationship. She already knows you so well. She knows your face when you are upset, angry, hungry, and everything else. That is why the good thing about dating your BFF is that you do not have to pretend to be happy all the time in front of your girlfriend. All the fun stuff you can do when you are single can be done now, together as always, only now the girl sitting next to you is your girlfriend and still your best friend, isn’t great?
  3. No Awkward Family Meeting Introducing your girlfriend to your mum and dad, and to the rest of the family is probably something that you must do. It will enrage your family if you are dating someone without telling them. Introducing stranger to your family can be awkward as always. However, since now you are dating your BFF, you probably do not have to encounter any awkwardness. She may have met your family a long time ago, especially when you and your BFF, now girlfriend, basically grew up together.Your parents approve the friendship for a long time. It may not hard for them to approve the relationship as well.

Now that you know that dating your BFF is so fine, you do not have to be afraid to tell her what you feel about her. After all, you do not choose who you are falling in love with. If it is with your BFF then be it. Dating girls who are your BFF is fine with everyone and it will be fine for you, too.




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