3 Basic Tips for Dating Your Boss

If you are falling in love with your boss, then these tips for dating your boss are totally needed. It is awkward indeed to fall in love with your boss in the office. Basically, he is your boss and you are working for him. Isn’t it awkward to get attracted to someone who can literally boss you around? Well, people do not choose with whom they are falling in love. In your case, it is your boss. However, dating your boss is slightly dangerous because they are so many risks that you have to endure. Below, you will see several tips for dating your boss so that your life does not turn into a hot mess.

  1. Keep It Secret!
    Not everyone in your office likes you. This is the point that you have to keep in mind, basically all the time. When your haters find out that you are dating your boss, their boss as well, they will get flooded by jealousy and basically they will find any way to mess up the relationship. You two should talk about how to keep the relationship secret. Establish some ground rules and some agreement about how to behave in the office so that no one in the office needs to know that you are dating.
  2. No Display of Affection AT ALL
    No matter how hard it is you try to keep the relationship a secret, it will be slightly impossible not to giggle or blushing when you two walk past each other. It is dangerous since, again, not everyone in the office like you. This is why you need to limit your contact in the office. After the working hours you can go home to him and giggle as much as you like, but not in the office. The display of affection in the office is dangerous since many people may think low of you. Come on, they will think what kind of girls dating their bosses. They will think that you date him for his money or for securing your position in the office. Well, you are not. So, it is better to refrain being affectionate in the office rather than being a source of nasty gossip.
  3. Separate Career and Relationship
    From day one, you already need to make agreement about your career. Since you date because you both love each other, your career has nothing to do with it. That is why you need to make your boss stay out of your career. He does not have to use his power to enhance your career or secure you a better position in the office. If the relationship does not work out, he does not have any reasons at all to fire you or to move you to other parts of the office. Make it clear to him that you love him because he is a nice person and not because he is a nice boss to you. This is one of the best tips for dating your boss that you need to keep in mind.



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