Gangnam Style, the Huge Korean Wave in 2012

Gangnam Style is a Korean pop or K-pop song that was released in 2012 by a South Korean rapper, PSY. There are so many appreciations for this song related to the comedy, rhythm, and unique dance which is considered as interesting. Those factors make the song is different from the others. As it had been released at July 15, 2012, it was able to stay Gaon Chart in Korea. More than that, the music video had been watched for more than 884 million viewers of YouTube in December 4, 2012. It makes the Gangnam Style the most-watched K-pop video. Have you watched the video and are you interested with the song? It is so good if you read more information about it below.

  1. Background
    Gangnam Style is actually a term of idiom translated from Korean language that describes the prestigious and glamorous life of people who live in the area of Gangnam. Gangnam itself is indeed an area for the rich in Korea in which the society tends to be trendy and show a certain class. In a talk show with PSY in CNN, he compared Gangnam of South Korea with Beverly Hills, California. He stated that Gangnam is an urban area in Seoul in which the women there are really classy and polite at day but they become “wild” at night. Then, he also explained that the song describes the girlfriend who lived in Gangnam with such an attitude. The gimmick from the song is “Oppa gangnam style” that is referred to PSY himself. Oppa means the nickname for boyfriend, husband, older men, and older brother used by the women. The song is also basically a satire addressed to those Gangnam women who tend to be really spoiled and high-fed. The satire theme applied here becomes one of the factors why Gangnam Style is different from other K-pop song. Indeed, K-pop basically adapts some pop sub-genres like Bubblegum Pop, R n B, Synth pop and others but they are served in Korean language.
  2. Production
    This song was written by PSY himself while the music was arranged by Yoo Gun Hyung. Yoo Gun Hyung is a famous music director in South Korea. Gangnam Style is actually not the first collaboration between them. Yes, they have been collaborated before in producing music whether they are performed by PSY or other artists. In K-pop industry, it is actually quite rare where an artist is able to write his or her own music. Since those artists are under the agencies, the song choices and others are already done by the agencies. Well, all they need to do is just performing it.
  3. Music Video
    In the music video, PSY dances like horse riding with certain areas of Gangnam as the background. There are some other Korean artists who appear in this music video; they are Hyuna, the member of girl group 4Minutes, Daesung and Seungri, the members of boy group BIGBANG, Hwang Min Woo, a five-year old kid, host and comedian Yoo Jae Suk, and comedian No Hongchul. All of them are dancing together with PSY with music video for Gangnam Style.



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