Best Travel Destinations in 2017

Every year, new travel destinations arise and receive the attentions they deserve. It is also the same thing happening this year. In 2017, there are new travel destinations that should really be considered. Each place offers unique attraction that makes the holiday unforgettable. So, before you book your flight, take a look at the list and make your choice for your next holiday in 2017.

  • Angra dos Reis in Brazil
    Have you ever visited Brazil? Well, this time, you will not visit Rio de Janeiro because it has become to mainstream and you will be more likely to not getting the peaceful feeling you are looking from a holiday. Instead, visit the Angra dos Reis. This incredible place is located between Sao Paulo and Rio and has been a very popular place for those looking for escape from the crowds. It is actually the place where the elite’s beach villas are located so you can get yourself luxury rental homes. There are also resorts filled with great facilities like spa, restaurant, marina and golf course. In this particular place, you give yourself a chance to shut down your busy life and simply enjoy living close to the nature.
  • Belfast in Northern Ireland
    Belfast is the next travel destination you should be visiting this year. In the last few years, Belfast’s popularity as tourist destination has arisen. It offers growing array of art venues, restaurants and open-air bars for you to experience the real Ireland life. Spend your night at some of the best hotels such as Bullitt Hotel with its well-appointed rooms and breakfast ganola. Visit the Seedhead to check out the amazing arts organization. Enjoy the delicious and beautiful cuisine at the Michelin-starred EIPIC and EX restaurant for fine dining pack. Make sure to get a taste of the locals’ specialty at Permit Room for locally roasted coffee and inspired breakfast. Do you want to feel the vibrant at night? Come to the stylish cocktail bar and late-night club.
  • Belgrade in Serbia
    A few decades ago, Serbia was a country destroyed by civil war. Today, this country has totally changed into a beautiful and tourist-friendly country. The Belgrade in particular, has been a popular travel destination. Being in the Belgrade means experiencing the graffiti-covered neighborhood filled with bars and restaurants. This is the place you should visit to taste delicious local and international cuisines like the smoky sausage, stuffed somborka peppers, pan-Latin tapas, paprika-laden kebab and so many more. This city will spoil you with everything it has.
  • Bermuda
    We all know Bermuda, a tropical paradise in Indian Ocean. The white sandy beaches with pristine water are the most popular attractions from this place. It is where you want to enjoy the serene beauty while escaping the crowds. There are various activities you can do here from simply relaxing on the beach, diving, swimming in the transparent water and other activities. With so many choices of resorts along with countless facilities, you will feel so good being here for days and weeks.



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