Science-Backed Tricks To Keep You Motivated

Do you feel like losing your spirit to get going on with your life and do more changes? Well, you are not the only ones. Somehow, life gets to the point where a person has less spirit that he should have. As a result, he is unable to do the things and achieve the goals he actually can. Sometimes, a feeling of getting tired is just too strong to cope with. If it continues, it certainly is a bad thing because nothing will run as it should be and no goals will be achieved. So, keeping yourself motivated and inspired is very important to keep you going on with your life and do greater things. This time, you can practice these science-backed trips for motivation.

  • Strike High Power Pose
    What most people do not really understand is that body language actually is very important, more important that they have imagined. Basically, it represents the internal body chemistry not only affecting the way how other people perceive you. So, when you change your body language like the way you stand, you basically are making change about the way you are.
    According to professor at Harvard, non-verbal communication is as important as the spoken or verbal communication. Among the important non verbal communication is the power pose. There are two power poses, the low and high power poses. And when a person has high power pose, it actually increases the level of testosterone that is strongly associated with confidence. And it also reduces the level of cortisol hormone that is responsible for stress. Therefore, you should pose high power pose every day at least 2 minutes to increase your testosterone level. Put up your legs and lean back. Avoid the low power pose because it doesn’t do you any good things.
  • Always Speak Positive To Yourself
    Imagine how stressed you will be if you keep telling yourself about negative things. Gradually, this only puts your life to lower level than before. So, what you should do is speaking positive to yourself. Every time you have failure, tell yourself that you always have fresh start ahead and what you have to do is to grab the chance and not let go. By always giving fresh start to yourself, you basically allow yourself to get burst of energy. It is like the way you promote big and better picture of your life ahead. This way, you can get more things done quicker and better.
  • Consume Dopamine-Releasing Food
    Here is your favorite way to increase the level of motivation, eating chocolate or other dopamine-releasing food. Yes, chocolate is not only delicious but also very beneficial. When you eat chocolate, your serotonin level is increased so you become calmer. And, it also increases the phenylethylamine that promotes stimulation. At the same time, you heart rate is elevated and so is your motivation thanks to the release of dopamine. Furthermore, you get to enjoy more peaceful feeling as well because chocolate makes a great mild antidepressant effect.



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