How To Manage Painful Break Up

Most troubles happen to humans are because of the passionate desire for things that humans have misapprehended as the enduring entities. So, it is only normal when human finds coping with the painful break up is very hard. It seems like the whole world is crumbled and they have no one to rely on. In fact, it is the reason why some people decide to suicide because they think they are unable to cope with the pain. This is an effect of a bad break up and is very common. But before you make the decision you will regret the whole life, be better in managing such painful break up. Well, the process is not easy but as long as you aim for positive thing in the end, everything will be very rewarding.

  1. Detachment
    DetachmentThe first thing to start is detachment. It is the process giving human ability to continue moving forward regardless of how bad things were in the past. This is far greater than just a Buddhist concept. For instance, do not search for any reasons to talk to your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. You do no longer have anything to share with so there is no reason to communicate. In this process, you are detaching yourself and your life with your ex and everything that has anything to do with him/her. You are grieving, painfully grieving but it is only temporary so you should not worry about it.
  2. Therapy
    When a person just experienced a painful break up, he/she needs someone to talk to. When it is too hard to talk with friends or family, therapist is the right person to talk to. In this process, the person is given with life guidance and someone who is willing to hear all the stories, emotions and everything that has to be said. By talking to other people, the pain is gradually reduced and the painful break up is no longer as painful as it used to be.
  3. Walking or Exercising
    Physical exercise like walking is proven to be a useful therapeutic movement for those who are undergoing painful break up. This simple movement can be very rewarding. It is simply a way to be and getting active which is a better thing to do than dwelling in the past memories and thinking of how hurt you are. What true is walking clears the mind. Remember this quote. You walk out your door carrying problems and you return home with solutions. This is true and always happens so do not hesitate to start walking and other physical exercise.
  4. Distraction
    What a person needs after a bad break up is a break. Yes, they need to take a break from everything that had been going on in their lives. This is a good distraction to get a good life. It is not like avoidance from the problems. It is something needed to clear the mind and be peaceful again. It can be anything basically from holidays or new activities with friends and family. Anything as long as it is positive.



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