How to Buy the Right Backpack

Your life will not be perfect if you don’t color it with adventures. Adventures can help you to be wiser and better. And most importantly, it adds some spices in your life. Some of the adventures that a boy must have are hiking and backpacking. To make your adventures goes smoothly, you must have the right backpack. There are many things that you must consider in choosing a backpack.

  1. The capacity of the backpack
    It is essential for you to choose a backpack that can hold all the stuffs you want to carry in it. If you are a beginner, you had better get one which capacity is 65 liters. It is more affordable and an excellent all-around size. In addition, it is appropriate for one person’s stuff.
    If you plan to have an adventure for more than two days, you must choose the bigger one. It is essential for you to choose a backpack which capacity is more than 70 liters. This type of backpack is usually heavier than the 65-liter backpack because it has more features and substantial suspension.
    For you who love ultralight backpacking, you can opt for a backpack that has 45 or 55 liter capacity. This particular backpack is usually more expensive because it requires lightweight gear.
  2. Choose one that is fit for your posture
    As a teenage boy, you are still in growing phase. That’s why you must choose a backpack with adjustable-suspension. With this backpack, you can modify its suspension so that you can wear it comfortably as you grow taller and bigger.
  3. Try the backpack on
    Trying the backpack you are going to buy can give you a couple of advantages. It will help you find the right size that fits your torso length. In addition, it also helps you to determine how comfortable the backpack is. When you are testing its comfort, you must put some stuffs in and try to walk with the backpack.
  4. Consider the design and feature
    Backpacks are available in various designs. They come out with different number of pockets and features. When you are shopping for a backpack, you must make sure that its design and features are capable of meeting your needs. It must also be able to meet your backpacking style.
  5. The price of the backpack
    Purchasing a backpack which cost is within your budget is always a better option. More affordable backpacks usually have fewer features. They may also offer you with less comfort. However, you must be happy even if this is the only one you can afford. If you really want to have a comfortable backpack with excellent features, you may need to wait until you have enough money to buy it. Another alternative is purchasing the discounted one. A more expensive backpack usually is made of high quality construction and materials. In consequence, it is more durable and strong.
    A backpack is not the only thing you need to have a better and smooth adventure. You also need to wear the right boots. With those two essentials, you can have better backpacking and hiking experience.



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