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Post On: 27 July 2017
July 27, 2017

Do you remember with Susi Pujiastuti? His name had soared as the only minister with educational background in the Middle School. Nevertheless, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs has been successful in his fishing and aviation business. Currently, his name again adorned the Indonesian media. Minister Susi was attacked by fishermen again after many years as minister.
During his term as minister, many steps and actions have been taken by Susi Pujiastuti in maritime development in this country. One of the most discussed is the courage of this quirky minister in combating illegal fishing.

He did not hesitate to order to sink a foreign ship carrying fish from Indonesian waters without permission. This makes the minister Susi Pujiastuti get a lot of praise from various parties both from the government and the general public ..
Nevertheless, this is not the only time Minister Susi was attacked by fishermen who disagreed with the policies he had imposed. One of the problems that still disturb the fishermen is the prohibition of the use of fishing equipment cantrang.

Cantrang is a fishing gear. Fishermen usually use cantrang to fish in the bottom of the waters. Minister Susi forbade the use of cantrang because the tool is not environmentally friendly. He worries that cantrang can damage the environment on the seabed. The use of cantrang can make small fish die, coral reefs and other marine life will also be damaged. That is, the policy aims to maintain the marine ecosystem of Indonesia.

One of the steps he is pursuing is to conduct eco-friendly fishing activities. This can make the Indonesian marine world can stay awake and sustainable. In addition, resources from the ocean are also available for a long time.
Damage to marine habitats is a serious issue today. The government is trying to improve the marine ecosystem by making some policies.

However, the prohibition of the use of fishing equipment cantrang this incriminating the fishermen. They have been using the tool for a long time and think that cantrang is not a destructive tool. The fishermen also do not catch fish with cantrang at the location of coral reefs.
The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries is already a member of the alternative fishing gear as a substitute cantrang. But until now, fishermen feel the alternative fishing tool is not the right solution for them. The majority of fishermen in Indonesia are living below the poverty line. The fishermen reasoned that the replacement of fishing gear required a lot of money. As a result, many fishermen can not earn a living.

Therefore, hundreds of fishermen who joined in the Indonesian Fishermen Alliance (ANI) held a peaceful demonstration in front of the entrance of the National Monument, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, on Tuesday (11/7). The Indonesian Fishermen Alliance voiced that the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi Pujiastuti resign from his post. Previously, social media, especially twitter also enlivened with hasthag # Replace the susi minister.

Responding to this, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi Pujiastuti more heed the orders of President Joko Widodo who forbade him to spend energy in taking care of cantrang problem. After all, the demo is no longer foreign to the woman. Minister Susi demonstrated fishermen almost every year. This time, he assumed that the transition period of the transition of the catching tools from cantrang to the more environmentally friendly equipment could be a solution.




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